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 Little Big Planet

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PostSubject: Little Big Planet   Little Big Planet I_icon_minitimeNovember 16th 2008, 10:27 pm

this game is sooooo awesome, i didnt like it at first because i couldnt get the controlls correct, but now i did, it is sooo easy to get trophies, i already got 30% completed, i especially love the online gameplay, they is at times a lag, sometimes minor, sometimes huge. but anyways, u can do sooo much on it, create your own levels and publish them so the world can play, you can beat storymode with people online, you can customize your character. it is an awesome game, i reccomend it to the world, if you dont have a ps3, i suggest you get one, they are worth every penny. i have a bluetooth headset, so i can talk to everyone online on LBP.

here are a few trailers: